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Ed Gauthier

Gauthier photographed
at Toon Pro Studios.
Born Edmond J. Gauthier
(1973-7-25) July 25, 1973 (age 39)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nationality French-Canadian
Area(s) Writer, Editor, Penciller, Inker, etc.
Works Poetry
Taste And Tradition
Style And Substance
Plan 6 From Inner Space
Mushroom Soup

Webcomic Strip
Mr. Ed Weirdo

The Gauthier Gallery

Ed "Weirdo" Gauthier (born July 25, 1973) is a French-Canadian talent, best known as the creator and artist of the webcomic strip Mr. Ed Weirdo.

A writer, editor, cartoonist and musician, he was born in Canada after his grandfather moved there from France, where the family tree had always lived.

Gauthier moved at an early age to the US, and later attended California State University at Long Beach, majoring in Journalism and English. He further qualified for the Teaching Option, which he did not pursue due to the unfair treatment of teachers.

He was the co-founder, main songwriter and harmonica player of the Los Angeles area blues-rock band Roadhouse (1980s).

Gauthier later served as writer and Editor-In-Chief on the alternative newspaper Uncle Jam (1986-1990).

He is also a painter and poet, more recently creating the afore-mentioned online webcomic parody, not surprisingly featuring the ironically bent adventures of one Mr. Ed Weirdo.

After living in Long Beach and Lakewood, CA for over 20 years,

Gauthier currently resides in the Central Coast area in the county of Santa Barbara.